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Hi, my name is Millie and after struggling for years with anxiety and low self esteem I found the practice of mindfulness.


I turned to Yoga when I was struggling with anxiety as I'd seen its benefits on social media. At first I'd thought Yoga was just an exercise and thought that it might help me to regain some control over my thoughts if I could tire myself out enough. Through doing Yoga (and falling over a lot!) I realised Yoga is much more than just exercise: it helped me focus on how I was feeling; allowed me to concentrate on how the poses felt and most importantly taught me how to be in the present instead of worrying about the future.


After realising the benefits of Yoga and noticing I was feeling better in myself I started looking further into mindfulness and discovered guided meditation. 


I found Guided Meditation gave me something to focus on rather than just sitting silently trying to turn my brain off for prolonged periods of time! 


The meditations helped me to gain control over my anxiety and panic attacks thanks to the mindful breathwork techniques. After a while practicing I’d noticed that in stressful situations I could concentrate on my breath and it would immediately bring me back to a place of calm. 

I still try to meditate as much as possible as sometimes I don’t realise until it’s too late that I’m getting overwhelmed. It’s easy to get caught up in everyday life so teaching scheduled classes helps me as much as the attendees as I’m practicing along with everyone else.


Through the Guided Meditations I discovered different forms of practicing mindfulness. 

Using things such as Oracle Cards, Crystals and Journals on a daily basis helped me to remember why I’m doing this and to be kind to myself, practice gratitude and try to be the best version of myself. 


I felt that I needed to share this well kept secret with as many people as possible so decided to undertake Guided Meditation qualifications to run classes myself. After that I completed my Yoga Teacher Training over the span of a year and continued to learn more about the practice to pass on to others. 


Spirituality means different things to different people but for me all of these things enable me to explore myself on a deeper level and understand why I react to situations the way I do. I also believe that the energy in our bodies have effects on our actions and emotions so using Reiki, Crystals, and completing Chakra Work tends to help me think more clearly and react to situations in a calm and positive way. 


When it comes to spirituality a phrase I like to use is: take what you need and leave behind what you don’t. 

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